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Learning Menu

For use during a 'Functional Closure'.
To find out 'What is a Learning Menu?', click here

Three Goals: Think of three goals for the week. Record them, and check in with yourself the following week. Mr McKay is doing this too. See his example video

Learn to draw and doodle with Mo Willems Episodde 01 (author of Gerald and Piggie). Please do share with me your creations.

Exercise your printing. How fast can you write the following sentence: The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog! Can you do it in less than a 60 seconds? And still use neat printing?

Main Course

This is a very unique time. Take a moment to fill in these pages for your future self to look back on. 

Get writing a 328 paragraph. Watch my video to learn how to write a group of sentences all on one topic (paragraph). 

Create a Frayer Model on the following words: unpredictable, grow, and family.

Visit Epic! and find ten facts about an animal of your choosing. 

328 icon.png

Remember the 'Structure' words we used in class? Create your own 'poster' and hang it on your wall

Our school mascot is a shark. Draw a shark. Think about how you can make the drawing better, draw it again. Then one last time. Look at all three and notice how you changed or improved each time.

Think of or choose a funny joke. Have your parents email it to me!

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