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04-06 What is a learning menuArtist Name
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So, what is a learning menu?
School is going to be very different. Even I'm not exactly sure what it is going to end up looking like, but, right now I want you to think of it like going to a restaurant.
When people go to a restaurant they get to make a lot of choices based on how hungry they are, what they like, and what they need.
If you are hungry you might order a milkshake, fries, a drink, a burger, and ice cream for dessert. If you aren't that hungry you might only have fries.
Maybe you don't like burgers and want the fish and chips instead. Maybe you've been eating way too much junk food and you know you need to eat a healthy salad, or you'll feel bad.
Just like a menu at a restaurant I'm going to give you a menu for learning. The ‘food’ will be activities and lessons you can do at home. One thing on the menu will be to read part of a book. Maybe you're really hungry for learning and will read the whole thing. (Hey that makes me remember the book we read called ‘The Incredible book eating boy’?) Maybe you just want a little at a time. Maybe you'll choose things that are only fun, or maybe you'll recognize what is healthy for your mind and try something challenging. 
Some learning will need technology, some only paper, some will only ask you to talk with someone in your home.
This first menu should have some things that are familiar, some things that are fun, and some new things to try you might not have had before. 
Now here's something funny. If you don't like anything on the menu, you can walk into the kitchen and make your own meal! Wouldn't that be funny in a real restaurant? Well at my Learning Restaurant I think that's just fine. If you want to choose your own learning that's good too. But I'm going to want to see it, and maybe it'll be on the next menu I serve up for the whole class.
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