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LOUDer Games

Ticking, clicking, buzzing and popping can be annoying; so these games need permission to come out. 
Screwball Scramble (1-3min)

Use the controls to move the metal ball through the maze. So much more difficult than it seems.


Our class rules are:

1. You get 5 tries to cross the bridge, otherwise your turn is over.

2. Fall in the river and your turn is over.

3. You MUST start back at the beginning. 

4. You are allowed to place a pencil under the game to tilt it if needed.

Perfection!(5 min)

Place all the pieces perfectly and beat the clock before the time runs out. 

Bed Bugs (3min+)

Fine motor madness, but the first to collect all your matching colour bugs.​

Jenga (5min+)

Take a piece from the bottom and put it on top. Don't be the person to knock it all over.​

Operation (5min+)

Poor Cavity Sam is sick all over. Can you help him feel better and earn the most money by removing what's making him sick?.​

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