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Quick and Simple

These games take VERY little time to setup and play. They are a good choice when you have only a few minutes to play
Shut the Box!(2-3 min)

Roll two dice, flip down the numbers that add to the value you rolled. Can't flip anything down? Your turn is over (add up or could the number left standing to keep score). We have two player shut the box games so you can take turns rolling.

Gobblet Gobblers (2-3min)

Tic Tac Toe when there is ALWAYS a winner. You can always move your larger pieces over top of your opponent's piece. But be careful; if you lift up your larger piece and there is a win for your opponent using the piece underneath, you have lost. 

Connect 4 (5-10min)

Take turns sliding down pieces to be the first to place 4 pieces of your own colour in a row. Watch out for the diagonals!

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