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Board Games

We have a large collection of board games in the class. Instructions are given, but students are often absent or forget the rules. Use these videos to remember how to play.
There is a lot to think about when playing board games: sportsmanship before you even start, being quick when taking turns, dropped pieces(keep upright), keeping your mind with the group when it's not your turn, cleaning up and putting away.

These games take VERY little time to setup and play. They are a good choice when you have only a few minutes to play


These games need to be setup (pieces counted/handed out) and will take more than a few minutes to play a whole game. 


These games require patience, time, and often need you to know complex rules and strategies. They take over a half hour to play a whole game, IF everyone stays on task. 


Ticking, clicking, buzzing and popping can be annoying; so these games are fun and quick, but need permission to come out. 

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