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Complex and Longer

These games require patience, time, and often need you to memorize complex rules and strategies. They take over a half hour to play a whole game, IF everyone stays on task. 
Chess!(10-30 min)

A very old game that can be thought of as a combination of science, art and sport.

Trouble (30min)

Use the popomatic bubble to be the first to move all your pegs around the board (clockwise).

Blokus (20-30min)

Be the first to play all your tiles. You can place a tile when ONLY the diagonals touch. Act quickly to block your opponent, or slip through on the diagonal. There is both a two and four player version.

Racko! (15min+)

Be the first to organize your cards in INCREASING order.

Catan Junior (30min+)

Roll, collect, buy and be the first the build all your lairs. ​

Remember, YOU are responsible for handing out the resources to others during your turn.

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